Forklift Maintenance

Forklift Maintenance

Scheduled Forklift Maintenance

Third party technicians will come to your location to perform a 50 point inspection of your forklift to detect any deficiencies before they lead to more expensive repairs if neglected. They will never perform any repairs beyond the scope of the inspection without your authorization. An engine oil change is included in the price of any scheduled maintenance inspection.

Why Forklift Maintenance?

Forklift maintenance is an investment that will pay dividends in the form of improved reliability, durability and resale value. Just like your car at home, the forklift under normal conditions will need forklift maintenance performed at regular intervals. To assure the proper performance of your equipment, it is imperative that scheduled forklift maintenance be completed at these designated intervals.

Battery services

Third party technicians can come to your location and perform an initial evaluation of the condition of your battery. This evaluation consists of voltage tests, hydrometer readings and load testing of the battery. With this evaluation they can detect 90% of your battery problems. They handle battery repairs such as: replace cells, cables and straps at your location which will minimize repair costs and downtime.