Forklift Conditions

5 Conditions of a Forklift

Dyson Equipment knows that sometimes making a forklift decision can be very confusing. That’s why we wanted to make your rental or purchase with us easier by providing you with this resource page. Whether you need a brand new forklift or a good used lift for heavy work in your warehouse environment, please peruse this resource page as it may help you become familiar with lift conditions and what to look for.

We use these terms to determine the quality of the forklift we are offering you. Let’s get started…


A “New” Forklift comes straight from the factory. This type of forklift has factory warranty, the highest quality and most dependability. If your business depends heavily on your forklift, we would recommend buying “New.”

A “Reconditioned” Forklift has often been painted, serviced and completed with manufacturer’s details. A Reconditioned Forklift will still have some wear consistent with the hours. This forklift can have minimal seepage, but no major leaks. These forklifts are best for those who view appearance and dependability as important, while still having the ability to save money and get great value out of your product . These forklifts can often qualify for our warranty program.


A “Retail” Forklift is in decent operation and condition, though, cosmetics may range from good to rough. This forklift will be able to perform basic functions for you. “Retail” forklifts may potentially have some flaws, minimal leaks and seepage. If you want to save more money but also get the job done, we would recommend a “Retail” condition. These forklifts often qualify for our warranty program.


A “Wholesale” Forklift may need some work done. Cosmetics may be rough and mechanical work may be needed in order to fully operate this type of forklift. If you have a small budget and have some mechanical knowledge, we would recommend buying one of our forklifts from the “Wholesale” condition. Please note all forklifts in this condition are “SOLD AS IS.”

A “Mechanic Special” Forklift will potentially need some work done to it. Cosmetics will likely be rough and mechanical work will be needed. These forklifts are a good fit for an experienced mechanic that does not mind some work. These forklifts are sold very cheap! Often they need engines or transmissions. All forklifts in this condition are “SOLD AS IS.”